“I can’t tell you how funny I feel knowing tomorrow I’ll see a big battle. Kind of scared inside but I’m not going to run.”
Pvt. John C. Davis, July 2, 1863 
Pvt. Davis was killed on July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg. He was 14 years old. (via thecivilwarparlor)

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I will never get tired of this.



The second amendment was made in 1791. The time when, oh, idk, the war of independence was finished? And the wild west was coming into fruition? 
Bandits and train-rustlers stealing your gold and livestock? Ransacking towns and shooting up saloons? 
You needed a gun then. It’s an obsolete human right now. 
It shouldn’t even be considered a right tbh. The right to bear a deadly weapon capable of murdering innocent people at the flick of a trigger?
It sounds like a criminal babbling in a cell. 

I’m sure Eric and Dylan wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of a firearm all that easily if there was tighter control and/or a ban. 

"Eric and Dylan wouldn’t have been able to get a hold of a firearm all that easily if there was tighter control and/or a ban. "

That the same Eric and Dylan who shot up a gun free zone while the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was law?

Weird. Maybe another do-nothing law would’ve helped.

I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have been able to get the bombs they had either if bombs had been banned.

Muh Feelings

A few days ago one of the pro gun pages on Facebook made a post about Shannon Watts. I commented my usual rant about how she has armed security but expects those who can’t afford to hire a guard to rely on the police. The fact she hires a guard proves she acknowledges police response is too slow.

Some anti gunner chimes in saying she needs armed security to protect her from people like me who have been making death threats. Yeah “people like me” are not the people she needs to worry about. I don’t like her, but I won’t threaten to kill her. The anti insists that if I am a better person than that I need to speak out against those who threaten to kill her. I need to set a good example for the rest. Considering this guy doesn’t even know me he has no clue what I have or haven’t done in regards to the death threats. Moms Demand Action doesn’t care what examples I set unless I am a bad example that fuels their agenda or I completely cave and support their agenda 100%. They really are all or nothing. Anything in the middle is completely ignored and this guy not having any clue what I am really like is proof of the concept.

So he can’t nail me on the death threats so he decides to bring up open carry. He’s fine with concealed carry but he thinks something must be done with the guy that carries openly at the field where his 10 year old plays sports. We have to do something for the children! There has to be some kind of compromise here. I explained that I think open carry of long guns is stupid, but I do not believe it should be a crime. With that anything that resembled civility was gone. He started saying I am just as bad as the lunatics that I don’t want to associate with. So let’s get this straight. The people I didn’t want to associate with are those who make death threats others, and now according to this moron I am just as bad because I don’t want to criminalize open carry. This goes back to what I said about all or nothing. I didn’t completely cave so I am that bad example he wanted to use. From there his argument came down to mocking me about carrying saying he was going to get ice cream unarmed and hoping he doesn’t need the gun in case they forget the sprinkles. So he claims to support concealed carry then completely opposes all carry. For someone who asked for compromise he isn’t even interested.

There is no compromise with this guy. That’s what I told him. He isn’t capable of compromise. He wants us to give something up and leave us with whatever they don’t take away. I explained compromise means that to receive something you would have to give something up. I asked what he would be willing to give back to the gun owners to allow the ban of open carry. His response was that it’s insane being expected to give people MORE gun rights. His state just signed legislation allowing carry in bars and churches. Rather than the obvious argument of alcohol and guns he asks why we need guns at church and if I understand the concept of Sanctuary.

I didn’t say this to him, but I support responsible carry in bars and churches. Guns and alcohol do not mix so if you’re carrying you shouldn’t drink. I’ve been the designated driver before though so I’ve been at a bar without drinking. Actually I live in a small town and the local bar is also the best restaurant in town. As for church and sanctuary I understand the concept of holy ground and sanctuary, but if someone else doesn’t understand the concept or doesn’t care what is to stop them from harming people inside?

Rather than addressing the two locations I  addressed the concept of not wanting to give. His feeling is that his side has given up so much already and it is ridiculous to ask them to give up more. That’s something my side puts up with all the time. That’s why I often say we’re two sides of the same coin. We oppose one another, but often for the same reasons. There used to be a time where a person could carry openly or concealed anywhere and nobody really cared. Then we lost concealed carry. We could only do that if the government gave us a permit giving us permission to carry. Then we lost a lot of places we could carry. Then some states lost the right to carry a gun holding more than 10 rounds. Then New York lost the right to anything over 7 rounds. Now people are wanting to completely do away with open carry and some even want to do away with all carry. We are expected to give stuff up and get nothing in return. That’s not compromise at all.

After this he stopped replying. He didn’t have any good arguments left or he just got tired of wasting his effort. I figure it was a combination of the two. Such arguing on the internet is pointless as one side rarely convinces the other but I guess we feel the need to stand up for what we believe in.





"1. All cops are racist.

  1. Only cops should have guns.

Therefore, only racists should have guns.”

Does that explain why the only ones to buy any are white people?

Yeah, man. Every single gun owner is white. That’s why you have never heard of any black person ever using a gun. Ever.

Just like Colion Noir.

image Look at this white motherfucker right here. So white.

He really isn’t black.

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It’s still dark out and it’s already 70. Supposed to get up to 100. It’s going to be pretty hot out there. To make matters worse the supervisor everyone hates is back from vacation so we’re going to have to put up with her bullshit. To make matters worse I got a call from the temp agency yesterday saying my pay is getting cut by almost 25% so I’m making minimum again. As one last middle finger I only had about 4 hours sleep last night. This is going to royally suck.

James Brady

 Former White House press secretary James Brady died about a week ago. His death was ruled a homicide. Brady’s death was the result of injuries he received more than 30 years ago when John Hinkley Jr shot him while trying to assassinate Ronald Reagan.

Following the assassination attempt Brady began to lobby for stricter gun control. The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence was named after Jim.

My prayers go out to the Brady family. It’s a terrible think to lose a family member you are close to, especially when they die as a result of such meaningless violence. We are opponents, but we are still people. I don’t have to agree with you but as a fellow human I still see the tragedy of your loss.

Make no mistake about my stance. I oppose what the Brady Campaign is doing. I do not support further gun control. I do not plan to yield. I am not giving up on hope that we as a people can own the weapons we have without so much pointless violence. We did it before and hopefully we can do it again.

Keep in mind also that Brady lived 33 years after being shot before succumbing to his injuries. General Joshua Chamberlain died in 1914. He lived 50 years after being wounded during the American Civil War. It’s an impressive feat to live so long before an injury can finally kill you. Brady lived 33 years after getting shot and he died at the age of 73, He would have lived longer had he not been shot, but he still lived a pretty good number of years. What tomorrow holds is a mystery, Living many years can be a good thing, but the quality of those years is what really matters. Brady was disabled following his injuries, but physical condition aside did he live a life he enjoyed? I don’t wish a long life or a short life to anyone, but hope that good people can have lives they enjoy.


solidarity-xvx asked: Ammosexual is a term created by anti-gunners for pro-gun advocates. It was coined by Bill Maher, so you can see it's obviously some liberal bullshit. Basically, they think we get off on the idea of shooting people and our weapons are compensations for our shitty sex lives. Anti-gunners are absurd.


Antigunners are pretty close to the Hitler youth now. I think that at this point, anyone who was pro gun control but not fervent about it has been educated about how much bullshit it actually is through the internet, or by getting bitched at by Cerebral Zero enough to make them actually do their homework. The only ones left are people so far in denial they have to create bullshit and fact pick the most extreme cases for any reasoning to back up their ridiculous argument, resorting to all types of name calling, hypocritical straw man tactics to hold on to this fantasy Utopian idea of a perfect society.

It’s only a matter of time before Bloomberg and Fienstein break out the Calipers and start measuring our skulls for physical abnormalities that are evident of ammosexuality. 

I was talking to my gunsmith about ordering an AK. He does the actual gunsmithing work while his wife takes the business end of things including placing orders to their distributors. She asked me why I wanted an AK and what I would even do with it. I just told her I wanted a collector’s piece. We’re friends, but not good enough friends for me to tell her I planned on placing my dick in the trigger guard and spooning the rifle while watching Red Dawn. It would have been meant as a joke, but she doesn’t get my sense of humor all that well.